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Grandma's Ecom Revenge

Learn How A 59 Year Old Disabled Grandma Is Banking 3-Figure Days Online With FREE Traffic!!!

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Typical daily results from Memaw's Account:

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​​​​Jeremy Kennedy here with Memaw Cochran,

You’re about to learn of an incredible story.

One that not only defeats all odds but provides real hope for you and your loved ones.

You’ll learn the outlandish path one fed up Grandmother took to rise above seemingly impossible hurdles after deciding to take matters into her own hands.

You see, this woman was born screaming right out of the womb a Type 1 Diabetic.

I’ll spare you the details that 59 years of chronic health conditions can bring but life hasn’t always been so easy.

She worked in real estate & mortgage industry for most of her adult life.

That is until one unfortunate day when a diseased tick bit her and she fell extremely ill, barely escaping death!

She lost the ability to work and was “sentenced” to a life of low fixed-income disability.

The doctors told her she should just give it up. Grab yourself a wheelchair and park it in a retirement home somewhere.

She’s The Last Person You’d Expect to Be Crushing It With 3-Figure Days Like These…

More daily results from Memaw's Account:

There's Something You Should Know About This Woman...

She’s actually my mother and my kids are the ones who named her Memaw.

And Memaw does NOT mess around.

She does not take no for an answer and does not give up.

She knew from watching me that money could be made online...

The problem is, what I do is simply too difficult for her.

She had to find something that worked better for her.

She was practically allergic to technology.

Seriously, you don't wanna hear about the excruciating 2-hour phone calls trying to help her attach a PDF to an email. you mom :-)

So it had to be something that didn’t take a Geek Squad cyber hacker to pull off.

Something that she could easily do, at her own pace, in her own time, at home on her laptop or from anywhere she wants.

And being on a fixed income, it had to be nearly free to do and she couldn’t afford all those crazy paid ads folks keep talking about.

That’s When She Stumbled Across The Absolute Perfect Solution!

It hit all the sweet spots.

It was something anybody could pickup and start doing in their spare time from anywhere in the world.

She wouldn’t have to talk to anybody.
Or run a bunch of ads.
Or send any emails.

No making any videos or posting on social media.

Memaw found a real path to making it work.

Now She Enjoys 3-Figure Days Like This...with Simple "Print-On-Demand" Products and 100% FREE Traffic.

And Today, She Is Sharing Her Exact Step-By-Step System With You

What is "Print On Demand"?

They are products like coffee mugs, tshirts, canvases, bedsheets and 100s of other types of physical products with custom designs (for example a shirt might say "I love Pit Bulls")

These products you never touch yourself. They are automatically printed and shipped directly to your customer. You handle zero inventory. It's click button easy.

Being her son, and an online entrepreneur, I knew the value of what she has built for herself.

I knew that what she has done has the power to change hundreds, even thousands of lives simply by sharing how she does it.

After Years of Begging,
I FINALLY Convinced Her To Record a Series Of Videos Walking You Through The Entire Process.

And she did a freaking bang-up job of it too!

She recorded over
4 ½ HOURS of over-the-shoulder training, covering every aspect of her print-on-demand business.

Wouldn't you trade 4 hours if it meant you could learn how to easily make consistent 3-figure days online?

Here's what am I impressed with the most...

She was sooo extremely detailed as to make sure you understand every little intricacy.

You see, she truly struggled to learn this stuff herself the first time. (even though it's kinda basic and super easy once you know)

So when she recorded this course she made it for someone like her who NEEDS that extra detail.

She puts it in laymen’s terms anyone can understand so you can easily plug & play.

Literally Anyone Can Watch Her Videos And Be Able To Implement Immediately

In fact, you can be up & in business on Day 1.

Even if you have never tried to create any sort of business online before, Memaw’s instructions can show you how, starting today.

You can do everything right from your computer, from anywhere in the world, without talking to anyone, handling any merchandise or running any ads.

What Would It Be Worth To Bring Home 3-Figure Paydays Like This?

Memaw made that in ONE DAY, with only TWO SALES, without even paying for traffic!!!

Certainly her course should be easily worth that $180, wouldn’t you agree?

I begged her to charge $97.

That's half of what she's made in a single day.

I mean.. 4 ½ HOURS of content?

I’ve seen gooroos charge $1,997 for less.

She just wouldn’t do it.
She’s Memaw.

And well, Memaw loves everyone including you.
She truly has a really big heart.

I said "ok, so $25… right??"


“Start it at $12 and let it go!”

Well... you heard the lady.

It’s my mom, I have to do what she says.

But check it, she had a few sips of her margarita and I convinced her to let the price go up with each sale and we'll be closing this soon so you’ll want to grab it now before it goes up again.

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